Definitions for "SOF"
Structurally Oriented Filters. Filters which are designed to take into account the orientation of underlying structures within seismic data and adapt their behaviour accordingly.
Strength ofFunction
Strength of Function. A qualification of a TOE security function expressing the minimum efforts assumed necessary to defeat its expected security behaviour by directly attacking its underlying security mechanisms.
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(SOHF) End. Finish; Ein Sof means “without end” and is a Kabbalistic Name for God.
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Soldier Of Fortune
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alternate spelling for 'Taf' - twenty-second letter of the Hebrew alphabet; numerical equivalent of four hundred.
Soluble Organic Fraction. The organic fraction of diesel particulates. SOF includes heavy hydrocarbons derived from the fuel and from the engine lubricating oil. The term "soluble" originates from the analytical method used to measure SOF which is based on extraction of particulate matter samples using organic solvents.
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Signature On file. A term that may be used in Block 12 of the CMS-1500 if the patient has signed a document that says, "I authorize (name of family practice) to release information from my medical record in order to complete this claim form," or words to that effect. This is referred to as a "Release of information" (ROI). Most ROIs are only valid for one year, and caution must be made to always keep an updated ROI in the patient's file.
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Statement of Findings