Definitions for "Stop order"
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An order in a financial market that aims to limit losses by fixing a figure at which purchases shall be sold or sales bought in, as where stock is bought at 100 and the broker is directed to sell if the market price drops to 98.
An order to buy at a price above or sell at a price below the current market price. A Stop Order becomes a market order when the stop price is triggered.
"Stop-Loss" and "Stop-Limit" orders placed on options are activated when there is a trade at that price only on the specific exchange on which the order is located. They are orders to trade when its price falls to a particular point, often used to limit an investor's losses. It's an especially good idea to use a stop order if you will be unable to watch your positions for an extended period.
A formal, written notification to a contractor to discontinue some or all work on a project for reasons such as safety violations, defective materials or workmanship, or cancellation of the contract
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means the Stop Level requested by the Trader.
an effective tool which can assist you in managing your investment portfolio
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