Definitions for "slippage"
The difference between the price a trader expects to be filled at, and the price...
It's the experience of not getting filled at (or even very close to…) your expected price when you place a market order or stop loss. This can happen because either: market price is simply moving too fast, the market is not liquid or you're talking to an unmotivated broker.
Thinly traded options have a wider Bid-Ask spread than heavily traded options. Therefore, you have to "give" more in order to execute a trade in thinly traded options; less in heavily traded ones. This "give" is what we refer to as slippage. The OptionVue slippage model is a sophisticated formula that takes into account the volume of your prospective trade in relation to the average daily volume in the option. You can choose four different degrees of slippage; large, moderate, small or none. Adjustments should be made base on your trading experience.
Physical Properties and Testing Movement of adherends with respect to each other during the bonding process.
It is the sliding, lateral movement between adjacent to plies of felt along the plane of the bitumen film separating them, which results in a randomly wrinkled appearance.
relative lateral movement of adjacent components of a built-up membrane. It occurs mainly in roofing membranes on a slope, sometimes exposing the lower lies or even the base sheet to the weather.
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The discrepancy between test and volume mailings.
A discrepancy between test and volume mailings.
Unspent monies from previous grants/allocations of money.
An allowance made in allocating land for development to ensure that sites which are not subsequently developed as anticipated do not cause a shortage of allocated land which could prejudice the Council's ability to refuse planning permission for the development of unallocated sites which it considers should be safeguarded from development.
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failing to hold or slipping out of place; "the knots allowed no slippage"
Those people who purchase a product with the intent of claiming a promotion reward for such a purchase (e.g. send for a refund, or premium, or redeem a coupon), who fail to fulfill this intent; the ratio between such purchases, and purchases by those people who claim such a reward; usually stated as a percentage of total purchases. Also slippage rate.
This is where the band moves down the stomach, often causing significant pain to the patient. Slippage usually occurs if the band is too tight or if the patient frequently 'challenges' the band with excessive vomiting.
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See Gap or Market Gap
Reduction in the number of rooms used from the original reserved block.
decline from a standard level of performance or achievement
a decrease of transmitted power in a mechanical system caused by slipping
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The act of slipping; also, the amount of slipping.