Definitions for "OCO"
A type of order that includes two orders, one of which cancels the other when filled. Also referred to as order-cancels-order or one-cancels-other.
One Cancels Other – Two or more trades placed with a broker where one trade cancels the other(s) if it is executed. The most common example would be a limit order with a stop loss, where a trader would set a price objective for selling above the current market price but also specify a floor price below which he or she is no longer willing to continue to lose money. In the event that either trade is made, the other trade is automatically canceled so the trader doesn't accidentally sell twice the intended volume.
"One Cancels Other" - A combination of a 'Stop Loss' order and a 'Take Profit' order. When one of these two orders is executed, the other order is automatically cancelled.
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Office of Civil Operations [pacification
Office of Constituent Operations, CFSAN
See Operating Capital Outlay
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Orbiting Carbon Observatory
Object Code Only. A term used to indicate that source code is not distributed for the given program(s).