Definitions for "Good 'Til Cancelled Order"
A Good 'Till Cancelled order is one that is effective until it is either filled by the broker or cancelled by the investor. This order will automatically cancel at the option's expiration.
A customer order to buy or sell a contract at a limit or stop limit price that will remain in the market place until it is either executed or cancelled or if the contract expires. If it is not executed the order can be cancelled or changed at any time. A GTC is considered an open order until executed or cancelled.
A good 'til cancelled order is a market or limit order that is good until it is executed or until you cancel it. This type of order is available in the Marketocracy competition. Because a ticket will not close until it is completely filled, you will want to be careful when making G.T.C. orders for large amounts of shares of stock that trade at a low volume.
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