Definitions for "Front Office"
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A merchant's system containing a store and its contents. It generates electronic offers, and validates electronic receipts. See also back office.
The revenue-generating sales force.
A term that refers to the main business activities of a company, as opposed to the operational or ' back office' operations. For example, the front office of an investment bank comprises the analysts, dealers and traders, while the back office comprises the accounting, reporting and support operations. A clear demarcation between front office and back office helps ensure that appropriate Chinese Walls exist within a financial services organisation and that its business activities are properly accountable and appropriately monitored and recorded.
The area responsible for initiating investment transactions in accordance with approved delegations, limits, and benchmarks and the prompt and accurate entry of transactions into the investment management system.
The investment management area of an investment institution. Includes portfolio managers, analysts, economists, strategists and risk management.
The administration centre of a lodging facility or other operation.
Refers to the main business or operating activities of the company.
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Front running Frozen account
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