Definitions for "Back office"
In the financial services industry, the term is used to describe departments in a bank or brokerage house that are not directly involved in selling or trading with customers. These departments handle areas such as transaction processing, accounting, record keeping and compliance.
The administrative functions at a brokerage that support the trading of securities, including trade confirmation and settlement, recordkeeping, and regulatory compliance. Or more generally, administrative functions that support but are not directly involved in the operations of a business, such as accounting and personnel.
The area within a brokerage that is responsible for settlement, transfer of funds, opening accounts and other administrative duties.
Those parts of a stockbroker's business that do not come to the public's eye.
The part of a bank or stockbroking firm that processes the paperwork supporting any deal.
Administrative staff of a company who do not have face-to-face contact with the company's customers such as operations, IT and Finance.
the administrative staff of a company who do not have face-to-face contact with the company's customers. (advertisement)
The customer support area for FXDirectDealer in charge of Account setup, funds transfers into and out of the customer account, trade reconciliation issues, customer inquiries, and other activities that do not directly involve the buying or selling of a currency pair.
the secure, password-protected component of WebCommerce where a merchant manages his store's properties, tax tables, shipping tables, categories, products, their options and values, and orders as well as allows him to build or delete preview stores and build or delete published stores.
the part of the site where editorial work is carried out, i.e., the creation and allocation of articles, the uploading of images and documents and the publication of weblets. Only authorised users can access this part of the system.
Computer infrastructure within an organisation, which supports core business process applications but has no external interface with costumers (unlike a Web site or portal).
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Back on the shelf Back taxes
a part of most corporations A corporation (usually known in the United Kingdom and Ireland as a company) is a legal entity (distinct from a natural person) that often has similar rights in law to those of a natural person
a distributors business managment tool
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Bad Debt Reserve
where client records are processed and maintained