Definitions for "Clearing House"
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A clearing house is a (usually) computerised system for settling indebtedness between members of that system. In this sense, clearing houses have a role as a trusted intermediary between trading partners.
An organisation set up to arrange settlements of money between a number of parties, e.g. banks or stockmarkets, so that only one balance has to be settled between any two parties at the end of each day or trading period.
It is a facility, which serves as a buyer to the seller and a seller to the buyer. It effectively guarantees the performance of transactions between its member participants. Trades processed by a clearinghouse are generally assumed, though not guaranteed, to be free from financial failure.
in digital distribution of advertising, a digital repository that will simultaneously distribute ad materials and electronic release orders to publishers from advertisers, and will potentially distrbute soft proofs to advertisers.
a broker for financial institutions
An institution that practices clearing, significantly reducing the number of interbank payments.
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A mutual agreement between railroads for the use of each other's empty cars of specified mechanical designation without regard to some car service rules.
an organization affiliated
The organization that collects, sorts and classifies, and distributes information, usually among a large number of organizations or entities.
An organization set up to process and collect bills for participating trucking companies.
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