Definitions for "DVP"
direct voice phenomenon. a spirit voice heard during a seance that is usually emitted from an area near the medium or through a horn or trumpet that is presumably spiritual in nature. The voice does not come from the mouth of the medium and is always directed to those attending the seance.
Direct Voice Phenomenon. The voice of a ghost or spirit being spoken tothe sitters of a seance. The voice usually comes from some point near the medium,but not through the medium. Sometimes a spirit horn or trumpet is used.Direct Writing: When ghost or spirit's handwriting appears directly on a previouslyunmarked, unwritten surface.
Direct voice phenomenon. spirit' voice, spoken directly to sitters at a seance. The sound usually seems to come from a point near the medium, or through a spirit horn or trumpet, but not from the mouth of the medium.
Delivery vs. Payment.
Making payment for securities only on delivery, to minimise the risk to which securities market participants are exposed.... more on: DVP
Delivery Versus Payment. See: COD Transaction.
Diver Propulsion Vehicle, an underwater scooter used to pull divers through the water.
DESQview Program Information or AutoCAD Device Parameter
Design Verification Plan A process to verify the robustness of a design
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