Definitions for "DTC"
Depository transfer check. Check made out directly by a local bank to a particular firm or person.
Depository Trust Company. DTC is a user-owned securities depository which accepts deposits of eligible securities for custody, executes book-entry deliveries and records book-entry pledges of securities in its custody, and provides for withdrawals of securities from its custody.
Depository Trust Corp. The clearing and settlement organization for all U.S. equities. Web address:
Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Diagnostic Trouble Code. The DTC identifies the status of an electrical component. DTCs are used with OBDII on light-duty vehicles.
Diagnostic trouble code. A code, issued by a vehicle's ECU, that identifies a particular problem occurring in the engine.
Defect Tracker Client The software which is used to work with the defect tracking system. For example, TechExcel's DevTrack has a DTC which is a Windows program which uses ODBC to communicate with the DTDB. Bugzilla is purely web based, so it's DTC is a web browser.
Datacommunications and Terminal Controller. The DTC is a hardware device, configured as a node on a LAN, that enables asynchronous devices to access HP 3000 Series 900 computers. Terminals can either be directly connected to the DTC, or they can be remotely connected through a Packet Assembler Disassembler (PAD). The DTC can be configured with DTC/X.25 Network Access cards and DTC/X.25 Network Access software. A DTC/X.25 iX Network Link consists of two software modules: the X.25 iX System Access software (running on the host) and the DTC/X.25 Network Access software (running on the DTC).
Desk Top Conferencing. Videoconferencing where communications is from computer-to-computer, rather than remote video camera to local monitor. The users have a small video camera mounted on top of their computer monitor. Software integrates video images into the Windows desk-top environment. This means that participants can see images of each other alongside other computer generate information such as documents. Telecooperation takes place by a combination of visual conversation and collaborative document sharing.
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Dynamic Traction Control
Dynamic Threshold Circuit settings are available on Fujitsu scanners with IPC boards. They provide automatic image enhancement such as noise removal and smoothing which can increase the success rates for bar code recognition and OCR applications.
Driving Test centre
Developmental Test Center (for WRF)
Delaware Transportation Commission
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Drag Torque Control
Double taxation convention. A treaty which helps prevent a transfer from being taxed by two countries if both countries have the right to tax the same property when a death occurs or a gift is made.
Data Transfer Cartridge
direct-to-consumer (drug advertising)
DTC stands for "direct-to-consumer." The term is commonly used to denote advertising that is targeted to consumers, as opposed to businesses. Television ads, print ads in consumer publications, and radio ads are all forms of DTC advertising.
See Desktop Commands (DTC).
digital transmit command
Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
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digital-traffic channel