Definitions for "Book entry"
A method of registering and transferring ownership of securities electronically which eliminates the need for physical certificates.
In lieu of receiving the Registered Bond Certificate, securities are frequently available in Book Entry Form. The certificate is held by a central securities depository, and the investor receives only a receipt as evidence of ownership instead of an engraved certificate. The bond will be held in the account at the financial institution. See Bond Form.
A method of registering and transferring ownership of a bond electronically that eliminates the need for the physical transfer of securities CALL/CALLDATE/CALL PRICE/CALL PREMIUM A call is the action taken by the issuer to pay the principal amount of the bond outstanding on a date prior to the stated maturity; this can only occur on the call date(s) as fully stated in the official statement that describes all pertinent features of the security. This redemption occurs at the call price of par or at a stated premium to par.
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