Definitions for "Dematerialisation"
The increase in electronic technology and the introduction of systems, such as, Crest in the Stock Exchange has meant that paper share certificates are no longer needed. Instead ownership of shares can be logged electronically in a Crest account and contract notes, confirmation of share transactions, can be sent electronically.
It is a process by which an investor gets physical certificates converted into electronic balances maintained in his account with the DP.
Dematerialisation or "Demat" is a process of converting the physical securities into electronic form and stored in computers by a Depository. Securities present in the physical form are surrendered to the respective company which will then nullify them and credit the depository account.
This can mean making a product lighter or smaller, either by miniaturisation or by making it multifunctional, so reducing the amount of material per unit of performance; or it can mean moving from goods to services.
the decline in energy, hardware and materials as a share of world trade, for example, the use of e-mail rather than conventional letter delivery by post