Definitions for "CLOSING DATE"
The deadline for reserving advertising space in a specific issue of a publication.
Deadline set by print and broadcast media for the receipt of advertising material scheduled to appear in a specific publication issue, or broadcast time slot.
The deadline of a publication for receiving material for an upcoming issue.
Also known a Completion Date. The date set in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale upon which the transaction is to be completed, the purchase price paid and the transfer of title registered.
The date on which the seller of a property delivers the deed and the buyer pays for it.
he date set by a Shipper after which no Logistics Provider can purchase the Lane from a particular ITT.
Last day on which export cargo can be accepted for a nominated sailing.
The last day that transactions are posted on your account for the specified month.
The closing time is specified by the medium. The last hour or day that an announcement may be submitted for approval to a station or network management to be included in the schedule. Also the latest commercials can be trafficked.
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The end of a billing cycle