Definitions for "Robustness"
"ICH defines robustness as a measure of the method's capability to remain unaffected by small, but deliberate variations in method parameters. Robustness can be partly assured by good system suitability specifications. Thus, it is important to set tight, but realistic, system suitability specifications.".
Lack of effect of deliberate variations in the analytical procedure on the result
A characteristic of a regulatory network to generate a certain qualitative response over a broad range of parameter values. For example, the cell cycle control system should reliably drive a yeast cell through a specific sequence of events (DNA synthesis, mitosis, cell division) at a specific rate (one division for each mass doubling) over a broad range of the rate constants determining velocities of the component biochemical reactions. If this were not so, then small mutations to the control systems (small changes to rate constants) would have large (often fatal) consequences for the organism.
A system is considered robust if its functionality degrades "gracefully" when components of the system stop working.
The degree to which a software system or component can function correctly in the presence of invalid inputs or stressful environmental conditions. See: software reliability.
The degree to which the information system proceeds as usual even after an interruption. (Part of continuity).
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Certain thicknesses of annealed glass is considered suitable for use in large areas, in safety critical locations, for certain non-domestic situations such as shopfronts, showrooms, offices and public buildings. This is referred to in Building Regulations Approved Document N as robustness.
A general term for the ability to withstand damage, high loads, abrasion and impacts.
a term used to describe how well the information gathered at the race finish will survive normal errors and accidents.
The level of support provided to the user in determining successful achievement and assessment of goals .
the property of strong in constitution
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The quality or state of being robust.