Definitions for "ACCIDENTS"
Accidents is the first song and first single from Alexisonfire's 2004 album Watch Out!. The song features an AFI-esque chorus complete with chanting and at concerts often get the crowd to join in. George Pettit screams the verses (or rather the verse, since instead of having a second verse in between choruses the band instead has an interlude featuring bass and drums) and Dallas Green sings the choruses.
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What does 'accident' really mean when it comes to policies covering 'accidental injury' or 'accidental damage'? Primarily, it means that such policies cover events that are not deliberately caused by the policy holder and that are not inevitable. Deliberately driving your car into a wall is not an insured 'accident'. If you jump off a high building, the inevitable injuries you suffer cannot be counted as 'accidental', and you may not be able to claim any insurance.
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Properties or characteristics of a substance. Whatever the senses can perceive. Bread has color, taste, odor, shape, softness. *TB 156-157
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See "Crash".
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You will be asked to detail any accidents (usually in last 5 years) Some may cause an increase in your motor insurance premium