Definitions for "Monte Carlo Method"
A statistical method using random numbers. When applied to static PERT scheduling (i.e. several hundred time s by computer) it helps to predict how the real system might behave. The random numbers are applied to each activity in the network, and reveals the probability of an activity being on a part icular critical path. In a schedule with many activities, it provides good insight into which activities should receive closer management attention. [D03027] SU method concerned with random variables from a uniform probability distribution that transforms these variables to ones that correspond to some other probability distribution. [D03026] PMDT
a stochastic technique, meaning that it is based on using random numbers and probability to investigate problems
a technique that involves using random numbers and probability to solve problems
In the context of this volume, many forecasts made by a numerical model, each with a small change in the initial conditions; useful for indicating regions of rapid growth of errors in the initial conditions.