Definitions for "TBT"
Tributyltin, a potent anti-fouling paint largely banned because of its toxicity, but with some exemptions (e.g., for military vessels).
Tributyltin. An organic compound used as an additive in many marine antifoulant paints used to prevent algal and barnacle growth. Tributyltin is highly toxic to many marine organisms.
Tributyltin. Used throughout the world in antifouling paints for marine applications, TBT is not used as a stabilizer.
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Technology based training (or technology based teaching)
The delivery of content via Internet, LAN or WAN (intranet or extranet), satellite broadcast, audio- or videotape, interactive TV, or CD-ROM. TBT encompasses both CBT and WBT.
See Technology-based Training.
Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade. One of the agreements ruled by the WTO.
Technical barrier to trade
Are the standards and regulations imposed by governments and governmental authorities to restrict trade.
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Tributyl tin
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total bottom time. RNT plus ABT. Used in calculating ANDL.