Definitions for "MFA"
Multifibre Arrangement concerning the international trade of textiles. A modified version of this agreement was integrated in the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing itself part of the Multilateral Agreements on Trade in Goods adopted in Marrakech in 1994.
Multi-Fibre Agreement
Multi- Fiber Arrangement
A term that describes websites that are created entirely for the purpose of gaming Google Adsense to make money.
MFA stands for "made for AdSense". MFA sites are ones created to generate revenue from Google's AdSense program. It's against the AdSense rules to create a site just for AdSense revenue. So you should add a newsletter subscription forum, a few links to affiliate products or perhaps sell you ...
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MainFrame Access - This technology is provided by Micro Focus and has a client and a mainframe server component. It has the capability of transferring source code, sequential files and VSAM data sets between a Mainframe (running MVS, OS/390 or ZOS) and a WinTel environment.
Masters in Fine Arts
a master's degree in fine arts
Master of Fine Arts
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Mallorca Film Academy
Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kazakhstan
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mean field annealing
Managed Funds Association. The trade association for the managed funds industry.
Medical Faculty Associates
Mutual Fund Advisory
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military flying area
mechanized frame administration
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Movement of the Armed Forces