Definitions for "Benchmarks"
Term that can be used interchangeably with short term objectives in the goal section of the IEP. Benchmarks are used for broad life skills to be acquired rather then discrete academic tasks. Benchmarks are measurable and must be linked to the measurable annual goal.
Goals that governments set for themselves, against which actual results are later compared; also used to mean an effort to emulate the best practices from other counties.
also called short-term objectives, are objective, measurable steps that gauge a child's progress towards achieving their annual goals.
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As used in business process redesign, data about process measures obtained for specific types of processes. Many companies seek benchmark data on processes they seek to redesign in order to determine how well other companies manage the process.
points of reference used in estimation. e.g. The square corner on a piece of paper can be used as a benchmark when estimating angle measures.
A set of conditions or criteria against which a product or system is measured.
Instruments for determining what allowance should be allocated to each installation type and for recognizing Early Action. Standard emissions values for installation types and industries are determined, for example using BAT (Best Available Technology) or average values, and these standard values are then used to calculate what emissions allowances should be allocated.
Permanent points whose elevation above mean sea level has been carefully determined.
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Benchmarks are tests done on computers to see how fast they can do certain tasks. Comparing the benchmarks is another way to compare a set of computers.