Definitions for "TESTS"
Several different kinds of tests ar used in the assessment of children with developmental difficulties. Achievement tests measure the extent to which a child has acquired certain information or mastered certain skills. Criterion-referenced tests measure a specific level of performance or a specific degree of mastery. Psychometric tests measure a child's psychological and other developmental traits or abilities. Readiness tests measure the extent to which a child has acquired certain skills for successfully undertaking some new learning activity. Screening tests identify children who are at risk of health problems, developmental problems, and/or disabling conditions. Standardized tests obtain a systematic sample of a child's performance under prescribed conditions, which is then scored according to definite rules, allowing professionals to compare the child's performance to that of other children who have taken the same test.
A skater's skill and progress in basic figure skating and in freestyle skating is measured by taking tests administered by the USFSA or the CFSA. These consist of a series of 12 elementary tests plus a series of more advanced tests for singles, pairs and dance. The final gold medal test requires many years of training to complete. Skaters compete at levels according to test level proficiencies.
includes quizzes, exams, portfolios and other forms of assessment.
Photo shoots that the talent does to increase the amount of shots in his/her portfolio. Tests are normally done to give the model a different look than can already be found in his/her book, thereby showcasing the talent's diversity. Talent will not sign a photographic release unless specific arrangements with LLL have been made prior to the shooting.
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an eligibility requirement to take the ConCert examination to renew your certification
More than one means of examination, trial, or proof.
A procedure used to determine the intended status of a system by conducting periodic physical checks on water-based fire protection systems and equipment.
Tests are the individual tests specified in a test plan document. Each test is typically described by 1) an initial system state, 2) a set of actions to be performed, and 3) the expected results of the test.