Definitions for "benchmarking"
the practice of identifying qualitative and quantitative metrics against which the success of an organization can be measured, often in comparison to competitors and industry standards. Identifying best practices or lessons learned are common by-products of benchmarking. View records related to this term
A term originally borrowed from industry. A process through which practices are analysed to provide a standard measurement ('benchmark') of effective performance within an organisation (e.g. university).
Comparing evaluation findings between different institutions
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Benchmarking is a sport in which participants individually go out and find benchmarks (also known as geodetic control points). They typically then log their finds online. Like geocaching, the activity has mainly become popular in the early years of the 21st century.
Under benchmarking, some average emissions level, or a percentage thereof, is used as a uniform target for all emitters in the group for which the average applies.
Tests functions, particularly efficiency and price of outputs, against a standardised function or set of achievements, to place it in the context of its peers.
A procedure for testing whether the standard and price of services is consistent with the market standard (if any), without any formal competitive tendering.
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The specification of an approved rent or range of rents for a property by the National Assembly of Wales.
The effort to evaluate the extent and quality of a country's offer to liberalize services, particularly by ensuring that current levels of liberalization are not reversed.
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Break Even Point Analysis Buy-back of shares
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see benchmark.