Definitions for "Budgeting"
A feature offered with Yahoo! Sponsored Search. Budgeting lets you control the amount you want to spend each day. This feature distributes your spending throughout the day and month, so your listings appear online every day of the month.
The process of managing outgoings so that they don't exceed income.
When you receive income it is always best to work out how much needs to go towards bills, food and other needs, and how much is to be saved and spent on the things you enjoy. This practise is known as budgeting. Budgeting helps you to watch your spending and control your savings, and helps you to keep on track with bills and other payments.
Management system that includes elements of financial planning, budget formation, and controlling of budget execution
A management system that includes elements of financial planning, budget formation and the monitoring of compliance therewith
Planned short-term intentions and expectations based on estimates or forecasts.
Factors to address when budgeting for the creation and delivery of an e-course.
an essential part of the management of every functioning entity, regardless of whether it produces a product or service, regardless of whether it operates on a for-profit or a not-for-profit basis