Definitions for "Nautilus "
The only existing genus of tetrabranchiate cephalopods. About four species are found living in the tropical Pacific, but many other species are found fossil. The shell is spiral, symmetrical, and chambered, or divided into several cavities by simple curved partitions, which are traversed and connected together by a continuous and nearly central tube or siphuncle. See Tetrabranchiata.
A cephalopod mollusk of the genus Nautilus, especially N. pompilius, found in the Indian and Pacific oceans and having a spiral, pearly-lined shell with a series of air-filled chambers. Also called chambered nautilus, pearly nautilus.
cephalopod mollusk of warm seas whose females have delicate papery spiral shells
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A variety of diving bell, the lateral as well as vertical motions of which are controlled, by the occupants.
a submarine that is propelled by nuclear power
Nautilus was the first practical submarine, commissioned by First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte and designed by the American inventor Robert Fulton, then living in the French First Republic. Launched in 1800, it was made of copper sheets over iron ribs, 6.5 m long with a conning tower for observation. It used rudders for vertical and horizontal control — the origins of the diving planes used on all modern submarines — and tanks of compressed air to give the crew of four a submerged endurance of six hours.
Isokinetic type exercise machine, which attempts to match resistance with user's force.
A brand of exercise equipment found in many health clubs. The term has become synonymous with any exercise machine.
Patented strength-training equipment intended to isolate one muscle group for each exercise motion.
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Nautilus is a program which allows two parties to securely communicate using modems or TCP/IP. It runs from a command line and is available for the linux and Windows operating systems. The name was based upon Jules Verne's Nautilus and it's ability to overcome a Clipper ship as a play on Clipper chip.
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The argonaut; -- also called paper nautilus. See Argonauta, and Paper nautilus, under Paper.
Nautilus is a tool for developers, advanced users and auditors. It allows users to navigate SQLServer 2000 databases. With a browser you can locate records and follow foreign keys to related records. You can also find a value in any table.