Definitions for "MER"
Mundo de Escuelas Revolucionarias
Mundos Escuelas Revolucionarias
Mars Exploration Rover, either of the two rovers in the current Mars exploration mission.
Medical Examiner's Report. In addition to the medical history received from the proposers own doctor in the MAR, it is sometimes necessary to seek additional information regarding current state of health. This is done via medical examination, the result being sent to the underwriting department in the form of a MER.
Medical Examiners Report - A report by a doctor on a person's health and fitness, sometimes required by insurance companies before they will insure you.
is the percentage of the assets that were spent to run a mutual fund. It includes things like management and advisory fees, travel costs and 12b-1 fees. The expense ratio does not include brokerage costs for trading the portfolio. Also referred to as the Expense Ratio.
Medical Evidence of Record. Medical information obtained from a claimant's own treating source. DDD pays a standard $10 fee.
Abbreviation for Management Expense Ratio.
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Multiple ejector rack
the group of atoms that constitutes a polymer chain repeat unit.
The repeating structural unit of any high polymer.
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The Maximum Effective Range, the longest length of sensor cables and/or jumper cables that can be connected to form a leak detection network.
MAXIMUM EFFICIENT RATE. The maximum rate at which natural gas and crude oil can be produced without excessive decline of reservoir energy or a loss in ultimate production.
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referring to parts ("trimera" = "three parts")
Month End Redemption. In some circumstances we have to obtain an MER from your mortgage company. This is not to say that we are going to repay your mortgage, it just confirms the figure that would be paid to your mortgage company if you did decide to.
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Merger A merger transaction in which the entity is the survivor
Minimum Expenditure Requirement. refers to the state mandated lower limit for regular program education spending by a school district.
WP Macro Editor Resident Area or Data Interchange Format
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milk ejection response. see let-down.
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Mass emission rate
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(MERR) - The largest body of land in the world.
Maintenance Energy Requirements
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See Message Error Rate