Definitions for "Media Center"
Keywords:  multimedia, hub, library, meteo, tisch
On Media Center, you can see online tv, listen online radio, view/listen your musics on your PC, view photos, playing games, view the meteo, etc...
In schools, the place where media hardware and software are stored, checked out by teachers or procured. Often the school library.
a hub for storing, organizing, and distributing digital multimedia content
a computer that is able to store and play music, video, pictures and files, and allows the user to connect and integrate this with their current home entertainment system (TV, Receiver, Satellite, Cable)
Area provided in an RMF for the procurement, storage, maintenance, inventory, and distribution of audiovisual media such as filmstrips, slides, motion pictures, videotapes, overhead transparencies, tapes, recordings, bulletin boards, charts, clipboards, flat pictures, maps, murals, globes, models, and other media as well as audiovisual equipment and accessories for use in religious education, special events, and other programs sponsored or supported by the RMF.
database in Learning Space used for course materials, reading, presentations, documents, hyperlinks, video clips, audio clips
Offers rental of media equipment for student and faculty use.
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a computer with the qualities of set top boxes