Definitions for "Offers"
Offers is a 2005 Dutch television film directed by Dana Nechushtan and starring Maryam Hassouni and Jacob Derwig. The thriller film is a personal drama about suicide bombers and counter-terrorism in Western Europe.
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a Group Discount
a group effort by handheld software developers to promote sales by bringing superb discounts to our users
(1) A general term indicating the willingness to sell an asset at a given price. An offer may, for instance, be the price on which a loan may be based, the price at which a security is sold on the market or the conditions on which a bill is discounted. Related: Bid(2) In credit insurance, the term indicates the amounts for which an export credit agencies is committed to provide cover if the exporter succeeds in obtaining a contract. It usually refers to medium-term business, given that most agencies do not make offers for normal short-term business. Français: Offres/Offres Español: Oferta
a HP iPaq PDA accessories, hotsync charger cable,charge cable, data cable, charge cable, car charger, travel
a key differentiator in an industry often characterised by rigid, inefficient licensing schemes
a nationwide arbitration system, which was created for the specific purpose of providing the futures industry's public customers with an informal, fair and inexpensive means of resolving their claims against NFA Members and their employees
a benchmark from which to measure yourself against, plus numerous insights and advice from entrepreneurs who have been there and done it
The allocation of available tertiary places to eligible applicants. Offers are made in several rounds. A number of offers are made in early December in the early offer round, in selected courses including creative/performing arts, distance education and other courses. Most offers are made in the major January offer round in mid January. The late January/early February offer round allocates those places not filled in the major offer round. There are various offer rounds at mid-year, which run between March-August.
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a chance for closure
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a six-day program that focuses on the area watershed and water issues in general
a network of individuals who are interested in expanding the digital gold and online currencies marketplace
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a great way to get
Broker marketing mortgage free financing offers directly from mortgage companies and banks in your local area.
A process of calling for offers on the property, usually required by a certain date.