Definitions for "Mandoline"
Keywords:  slice, slicer, utensil, blade, shred
A utensil with adjustable blades for slicing, to make julienne (strips) and for precision cutting of firm vegetables and fruits.
A hand-operated machine used for cutting and slicing fruits and vegetables. This kitchen utensil has a variety of adjustable blades that enable the tool to make precise cuts in firm fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, onions, sweet peppers, apples and other foods. The Mandoline cuts the food into thin, uniform slices for use as appetizers, salads, garnishes, or other purposes, such as forming shoestring potatoes. The utensil typically has blades to chop, shred, slice, grate and zest.
a hand-operated implement with adjustable blades for thick to very thin slicing, shredding and cutting into straw-sized sticks. Ideal for shredding carrot and daikon (japanese white radish), similar results will be achieved with the shredding mechanism of the food processor or a plastic V-slicer. As a last resort, use the coarse side of a grater.
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a simple gadget
A small and beautifully shaped instrument resembling the lute.
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a bit like a kid's slide (or slippery dip as we call them in Australia)
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a good tool for this task, but not essential to a good result