Definitions for "jerky"
Keywords:  dried, salty, meat, strip, beef
Meat, especially beef, that has been cut in strips and dried; meat that has been jerked; see first jerk, v.; as, beef jerky
Dried meat made by cutting meat into strips about one inch wide, 1/4 inch thick, and as long as possible. This was then sun-dried on racks often with a small hardwood fire under the meat to smoke it and to keep insects off it. In good, hot weather the meat would be dry and ready to use in 3 to 4 days.
highly seasoned dried meat in strips.
Keywords:  foolish, ridiculous, stupid
Foolish; ridiculous; stupid.
not having a steady rhythm; "an arrhythmic heartbeat"
Moving by jerks and starts; characterized by abrupt transitions; as, a jerky vehicle; a jerky style.
Keywords:  ordinary, deck, clubs, suit, game
Jerky is a card game for between two and four players. Each player's hand consists of one suit of an ordinary deck of cards. Additionally, one suit (traditionally, clubs) is shared among the players.