Definitions for "List Manager"
The list manager and moderator roles are similar in many respects. In fact, a moderator is, more or less, the list manager of a discussion list --with, of course, the added responsibility of moderating the content of the posts distributed to the list. List managers monitor list activity for newsletters and unmoderated discussion lists, distribute appropriate information to the list, and handle any questions or issues that might come up (regarding, for example, unsubscribe difficulties or any misuse of the list by a subscriber).
The List Manager works for a list owner and his or her primary responsibility is to promote the list to mailers and list brokers. It can be either an in-house or outsourced position.
A person who oversees the use of a list(s) by others. The list manager, if not also the list owner, serves the owner by promoting and marketing a list, record keeping and list cleaning, along with the collection of list usage fees.
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a handy piece of software, which enables you, at the press of a single button, to deliver a message to every single person on any given list
a handy piece of software, which ena
overseer of the university's e-list server and software
A collection of routines that your application can use to create and display lists in your application's windows or dialog boxes.
in direct-mail marketing, an individual or organization in charge of supervising and directing the efforts involved in marketing a list to buyers.
One who markets lists that are available for rent or exchange.
The in-house or outside professional or company responsible for marketing a list and/or maintaining, cleaning and enhancing that list.