Definitions for "Waiting List"
What is now known as the Transplant List
a list which is kept by a hospital and contains the names of all people registered as requiring elective admission to that hospital
Students not admitted to Grady may be placed on the waiting list. If space in a major becomes available, the Admissions Coordinator will notify the next student on this list via their UGA email account. Students must respond to the message indicating whether they will accept or decline the major within three business days. After three business days, the seat in the major will be offered to the next student on the list. We make every effort to place students on the waiting list in a major; however, being placed on the waiting list is not a guarantee admission to GradyCollege or a Grady major.
Keywords:  roster, something
a roster of those waiting to obtain something
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a form of rationing
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a good sign of desirability
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a possibility