Definitions for "List owner"
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The person who administers a mailing list, and usually sets the rules. On most mailing list servers, you can reach the list owner by sending a message to an address in the form: [email protected] In FidoNet Technology Networks, the equivalent term is moderator.
in direct marketing, the individual or organization who holds title to a particular mailing list.
1. A person or company who has built a list by compiling names which have something in common. 2. Someone who has purchased a list from someone else.
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a volunteer who makes sure that a list runs smoothly and has final say on issues that arise
person who has final authority over a particular e-list
The organization or individual who has gathered a list of email addresses. Ownership does not necessarily imply "with permission."
A person who claims ownership over an unique and proprietary list.
a person who manages a list
It refers to list administrator, list coordinator, and list manager.