Definitions for "If"
Isempty F address value
Isempty F addr value
IsEmpty F keyword value
IAccountNumberExists False
Ie False
IFlag False
Idx Footer urls length -
I Favsites length
I Features length-
"If" is a single by Janet Jackson, the second from her fifth studio album janet.
"If (They Made Me a King)" is a popular song.
"If" is a song written by David A. Gates in 1971.
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IsNLMultiDropDown Fld
Keywords:  firstday
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IRatio FRatio
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IsNumeric FormName
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IdChanged ForceRefresh
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Isspace Firstchar
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I Figlio
I && Find form element pulldown name
IsManufacturedHomePropertyDescription Form
IsMobileHomePropertyDescription Form
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IsNS && FlagOver
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"Worlds of Science Fiction", was launched in March 1952, the creation of James L. Quinn of the Quinn Publishing Company, not to be confused with Robert Guin, who later published both if and its sister magazines including Galaxy (the title If had previously been used by Con Perderson in 1948 for a science fiction fanzine).
ISelectPrefix Fes theForm elements i name desc iSelectSuffix
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Img width Fwidth
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Is open && FocusElement
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I File num
In case that; granting, allowing, or supposing that; -- introducing a condition or supposition.
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Infinite Flow
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Item-> content code Finder-> code
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Intermediate Frequency
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Intelligent Finance
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Whether; -- in dependent questions.
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I Facility
I From