Definitions for "Len"
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Japanese visual novel Tsukihime and its sequel Kagetsu Tohya, created by TYPE-MOON. She also has an appearance in its spin-off, Melty Blood. She is voiced in Melty Blood by Kaori Mizuhashi.
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Ligue européenne de natation
the governing body of swimming in Europe.
Len is a Canadian pop music group from Toronto, Ontario, known internationally as a one-hit wonder for its song "Steal My Sunshine" in 1999.
The length function returns an integer representing the number of characters contained in its string argument.
This function returns the number of storage bytes used for its variable argument.
Many common programming languages operate on strings using string functions. One of the major string functions Len, returns the length of a specific string.
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SCAN VERIFY See Appendix B for additional language extensions that facilitate compatibility with other versions of Fortran. Glossary This glossary contains terms that are commonly used in this manual and in the HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual. The terms and descriptions are informative and are not part of the standard definition of the Fortran 95/90 programming language.
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hopi indian name meaning "flute".
Accepted record duration (normally in seconds).