Definitions for "Name-Value Pair"
Keywords:  ampersands, query, pair, url, string
All HTML fo rm elements have name and value attributes. When a field is added to a form, the field is given a name. A default value may be specified, or the user may enter a value, yielding a resulting name-value pair. The term is also used to describe data that is represented as a qualifier and qualified data element.
In the optional query string portion of a URL, name-value pairs encode data attributes in the form name=value, with pairs separated by ampersands. The values are then accessible to a receiving CGI program based on their names as transmitted in the name-value pairs.
Part of a Query String, specifically a Parameter, an equals sign, and a value. Example: c1=email See the Query String definition for a detailed example of a name-value pair in the context of a full URL.