Definitions for "Garage sale"
a favourite of collectors, bargain hunters, and the random passer-by with an idea of seeing what there is to buy at low, low prices
a favourite of collectors, b
a good first step to the cure for the disease
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an outdoor sale of used personal or household items held on the seller's premises
a sale of household items and clothing in someone's garage or on the street in front of their house
A garage sale, also called a yard sale or tag sale, is an informal, irregularly scheduled marketplace of new or used household goods, typically sold by one or at most a few families. In some communities there are designated days every year in which "block sales" are allowed, so that people don't have to get the required permits or collect sales tax.
a good way for kids to earn a little money and have fun at the same time
a great opportunity to de-clutter your house
a great place to find items that may be suitable for a pushcart
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a success if you end the event with nothing but newfound cash
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a beautiful thing
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a lot of work to put together