Definitions for "lot of people think this"
Keywords:  woodchuck, groundhog
a groundhog or woodchuck
Keywords:  abomination
an abomination
Keywords:  isn't, stupidly, pointless, viable, i'm
a bad idea seeing as they're (a) large in number, (b) stupidly named and (c) completely pointless
a digital image because of the way the water looks
a good idea because there is a lot of money in play here
a deliberate and gratuitous slap in the face of our allies
Keywords:  blair, trinity, seasons, race, last
a two-man race, but Trinity's Blair has only one loss in the last two seasons
Keywords:  jar, cookie
a cookie jar
Keywords:  boring, paper
a boring paper
Keywords:  album, whatever, sell
a sell-out album, but whatever
Keywords:  magical, kingdom, back
a magical kingdom back here
Keywords:  guys, sport, pick, score, contribute
a hard sport to pick up, but new guys can come in and contribute by getting the ball to people who can score
Keywords:  gps, tracking, device
a tracking device, a GPS
Keywords:  deal, it
a done deal, but it's not