Definitions for "FSI"
Free-standing insert, such as a product brochure, inserted into or packed with the publication
Acronym for free-standing insert, meaning an insert that is polybagged with or tipped or blown into an issue.
An advertisement, usually featuring coupons or a special promotion, that can be inserted into newspapers or circulars.
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Free swelling index. A measure of the tendency of a coal to swell when heated under controlled conditions. It is used as an indication of the caking characteristics of coal when burned as a fuel. It is not recommended for determining the expansion properties of coals in a coke oven.
Fuel Stratified Ignition
Fuel Stratified Injection
Acronym for Fluid-Structure Interaction This is a model that allows for the deformation of solid boundaries to be taken into account when there is physical interaction with a flow field. This is relevant in applications where deformations undergone by boundaries are significant and affect the flow domain. FSI encompasses those physical phenomena for which aerodynamic (hydrodynamic), elastic (structural), and inertial (dynamic) forces influence each other and interact in a significant way. Aeroelasticity (Hydroelasticity) is an important subset of fluid-structure interaction. Flutter in aircraft is a subset of aeroelasticity. Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) is a subset of hydroelasticity. Modeling FSI can usually be achieved by coupling a CFD code with a structural analysis code.
Federazione Snowboard Italia
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B/E Aerospace - FSI
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Financial System Inquiry
Financial Systems Inquiry
Flame Spiral Industries - the New Zealand company that orginally developed the roton for interface operations.
fournisseur de services Internet
National Food Safety Initiative
Flight Safety International force of gravity
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floor space index