Definitions for "Inset"
That which is inserted or set in; an insertion.
One or more separate leaves inserted in a volume before binding;
A page or pages of advertisements inserted.
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To infix.
A fireplace containing the fire opening that is then surrounded the mantel. Often the inset will be decorative metalwork, ceramics or stonework designed to frame the fire and juxtapose with the mantel.
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Regarding Wire Doors: The wire door sets or rests inside the cabinet opening with the vertical wire members flush with the side panels. See Flush.
Recessed panel in a door.
a graphics or artwork element, including a photo, placed inside another graphics or art element (often in a little box) or which is surrounded by type, giving it a boxy appearance.
A drop-in fixture used to modify standard grocery shelving. Used to break up the monotony of gondola shelving.
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A portion of the printed sheet in certain sizes of books which is cut off before folding, and set into the middle of the folded sheet to complete the succession of paging; -- also called offcut.
The distance from the edge of the sheet to the beginning of the first tab.
The horizontal distance from the 90 degree meridian of a bifocal lens to the geometrical center of the segment.
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See Setback.
Inset is a smaller, thumbnail-sized version of the image. It will appear on your item page. Click "Browse..." to upload an Inset image from your computer.
an optional secondary product image that displays on the page alongside the primary Image
a piece of material inset to strengthen or enlarge a garment
A piece of material set into a garment as decoration or trim
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a map that gives the main map context by showing where the map fits into the broader scheme of things
a map that has been generated from some or all of another map
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A book production method that involves the placing of each component section within the previous and then to wire stitch. See also Saddle-Stitch.
a special visual effect whereby a reduced shot is superimposed on the main shot
The cutting and placement of a design or motif, usually of contrasting colors, into the overall floor covering.
an area of a deck that has been cut out to accommodate landscape elements such as trees.
Term describing a wing or overhanging component.
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set or place in