Definitions for "make-up"
Cosmetics applied to the face, such as lipstick, facial power, or eye shadow.
The aggregate of cosmetics and costume worn by an actor.
The effect or appearance of the wearing of makeup (in senses 3 or 4); often, the way in which an actor is dressed, painted, etc., in personating a character; as, her makeup was very realistic.
The appearance of a page of a publication, specifically the type style of the text and the spatial arrangement of the text, illustrations, advertising material etc., on the page.
The art or process of arranging the portions of a printed publication on the pages for esthetic reasons or for optimal effect on the reader.
The process of assembling all lines of type and graphical elements and arranging them on a sheet to form a mechanical. When the makeup involves the creation of a mechanical for a page, it is also called page makeup. See also GRAPHIC KEYLINES MECHANICAL PAGE MAKE-UP
The Make-Up was a band from Washington, D.C. formed in 1995, consisting of Ian Svenonius on vocals, James Canty on guitar and organ, Steve Gamboa on drums, and Michelle Mae on bass guitar. The Make-Up were joined in late 1999 by a fifth member Alex Minoff (of the group "Golden"), who played guitar with the group until their dissolution in early 2000. Previous to the formation of The Make-Up, Svenonius, Canty, and Gamboa were members of Nation of Ulysses and the short-lived Cupid Car Club.
The result at which a spread betting event is settled. A 72 hole match event between Phil Mickelson and Padraig Harrington has Mickelson favourite by 3 strokes. Mickelson finishes the tournament 8 shots clear of Harrington so the make-up is 5 (8-3).
The result on which a wager is settled. The difference between this figure and the price at which a wager is opened, multiplied by the stake, gives the profit or loss. Also (M/U).
The water added to boiler feed to compensate for that lost through exhaust, blowdown, leakage, etc.
An action that is taken to fulfill a requirement not accomplished at the expected time, such as a make-up examination; as, the student took his make-up on Saturday.
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See “expiry price.
The way in which the parts of anything are put together.
The constituent parts of anything; as, the makeup of the new congress was predominantly conservative.
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A quick clean of a room when a guest stays over.
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the act of final positioning and securing of the vessels that form a tow.