Definitions for "Blowdown"
Keywords:  boiler, sludge, purge, blown, drain
1. Partial venting or draining, under pressure, of the water side of a boiler to remove or decrease unwanted contaminants. 2. Pressure drop in a pressurized vessel from the opening of a safety relief valve to the resetting of the valve.
The use of pressure to remove liquids and/or solids from a vessel.
An area of previously standing timber blown over by strong winds or storms.
Trees that have been knocked over by wind.
is a tree or major obstacle that has fallen across the Trail.
Term for many trees in an area being knocked ("Blown") down during a wind storm or an Icestorm. Someplaces hit hard look like an atomic bomb went off there. Due to the cold winters and short summers downed trees can take decades to disintegrate. Getting around blowdown on a path or bushwhack can be difficult.
Keywords:  blwr, blowout, blower, preventer, unit
Blower (BLWR) Blowout preventer control unit
Method to remove gas which may have percolated through fluid in a well bore that has been shut in for a period of time
The production of gas, either from the gas cap of an oil reservoir (normally after depletion of the oil), or from a cycled gas pool upon cessation of the cycling operation.
a sudden change in electrical resistance, shown by downward movement of the Tone Arm on the E-meter. Held to mean release of emotional "charge".