Definitions for "Blow down"
The process of reducing gas pressures by means of releasing such pressures to atmosphere.
Blow Down - a term used to define rapid decompression of a pneumatic hose. This can result in the collapse of the inner tube caused by entrapped air in the hose structure trying to return to the inside of the tube.
(1) Injection of air or water under high pressure through a tube to the anode area for the purpose of purging the annular space and possibly correcting high resistance caused by gas blocking. (2) In connection with boilers or cooling towers, the process of discharging a significant portion of the aqueous solution in order to remove accumulated salts, deposits, and other impurities.
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See Windthrow.
To decrease image resolution by sampling or averaging data. For example, a blowdown of two drops out every other data point along the line and every other line in an image.
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