Definitions for "Annular"
Ringlike in form; as the fruit of certain species of Prosopis.
shaped like a ring
Having the form of a ring. For example, an annular eclipse of the Sun occurs when the Moon's umbra is smaller than the angular size of the Sun. Thus, it's possible for the Moon to block just the inner portion of the solar disk, leaving an outer ring--an annulus--visible.
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Banded or marked with circles.
Annular is a term that describes the secondary wall thickening pattern in vessels. Annular thickening are a hoop of secondary wall that circles the vessel. Typically several annular hoops, which do not touch one another, of secondary tissue will be found along the length of a vessel.
Annular distribution refers to lesions grouped in a circle.
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Type of nail used to securely fix pallet, case and crate components together.
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A disk bead with a relatively large opening.