Definitions for "Nameplate"
The banner or title area that indicates the name of a publication. Often misidentified as a masthead.
The banner on the front of a newsletter that identifies the publication. The nameplate usually contains the name of the newsletter, possibly graphics or a logo, and perhaps a subtitle, motto, and publication information. Although usually found horizontally across the top of the front page, vertical nameplates are not uncommon. The nameplate provides a visual identity for the newsletter. The nameplate is not the same as the masthead.
The area, usually on the first page, that prominently displays the name of a publication, usually in a stylized form such as a graphic trademark or logo.
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The NHTSA certification label containing the manufacturer\0xD5s name and vehicle identification number or for cargo tank vehicles manufactured prior to the NHTSA certification plate containing the manufacturer\0xD5s name and cargo tank serial number. (See Plate, MC/DOT)
a plate bearing a name
A plate attached to each truck that contains pertinent information concerning the truck, such as model and serial number, weight, capacity, etc.
The automobile manufacturing company whose name is on a car.
A brand or make of automobile.
a sign indicating the name and address of a building, or the name of an occupant thereof and/or the practice of a permitted occupation therein
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