Definitions for "Energy Audit"
A review of a customer's energy usage, often including recommendations to alter the customer's demand or reduce energy usage. An audit normally involves a visit to the customer's facility.
(or Survey) - An on-site inspection or survey of a building to establish how energy is used and to identify ways to improve efficiency. The audit covers building design, maintenance practices, mechanical equipment operation, and other factors.
A survey that shows how much energy you use in your compressed air generation. It will help find ways to use energy more efficiently.( 099)
A systematic examination of a home's energy performance provided by Jackson EMC.
A process used to evaluate the usage of electricity in your home or building. The purpose of the process is to identify opportunities to reduce usage through equipment retrofits or repairs.
an evaluation of current building conditions (in terms of energy usage)
A survey that shows how much energy is used, typically in a building. (Source: US Department of Energy, 1999a).
A process that determines how much energy you use in your house or apartment.
A survey that shows how much energy you use in your house or apartment. It will help you find ways to use less energy.
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a good way to figure out where you can save energy costs
a great way to determine how you can save money and use less energy in the day to day running of your church or household
a study that identifies the most appropriate ways to reduce a facility's energy costs
a method of estimating the heat loss of a dwelling from, amongst other factors, its size and construction
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a more comprehensive service
To accurately determining the current energy consumption for a given area.
a process of gathering information about the construction and operation of a school to determine how it uses energy and identify opportunities that would lower the energy use