Definitions for "Cogeneration"
Keywords:  steam, chp, thermal, fuel, turbine
(1)Any of several processes that either use waste heat produced by electricity generation to satisfy thermal needs, or process waste heat to electricity, or produce mechanical energy. (2) The use of a single prime fuel source in a reciprocating engine or gas turbine to generate both electrical and thermal energy to optimize fuel efficiency. The dominant demand for energy may be either electrical or thermal. Usually it is thermal with excess electrical energy, if any, being transmitted into the local power supply lines.( 0301)
Simultaneous generation of electricity and process steam or heat from a single fuel. A cogeneration plant is usually coal or gas-fired.
The process by which two different and useful forms of energy are produced at the same time. For example, while boiling water to generate electricity, the leftover steam can be sold for industrial processes or space heating.
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