Definitions for "CHP"
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Any generation of electrical or motive power where heat that is generated as nominal waste in the process is utilised elsewhere. This heat is often called “free heat”. It is perhaps better thought of as by-product heat.
Combines Heat and Power. An energy efficient, integrated source of electricity for a building complex to off-set and balance peak demands of different uses: using a heat recovery system makes the waste heat of a workspace becomes the source heat for adjacent housing.
Combined heat and power generation. A method of power generation whereby the thermal energy passed through a turbine is utilized for industrial purposes and/or district heating.
Certificate in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (NCHP)
Catholic Healthcare Partners
Center for Healthcare Professions
Center on Human Policy
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Crawling Home Puker
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See Cogeneration
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cheek pouch
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Chapter Ventura Publisher
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Republican People's Party
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California Highway Patrol
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Chemical Hygiene Plan
Child Health Plus, New York's health insurance plan for low income children
Certified Health Physicist