Definitions for "CCR"
Capacity Constraint Resource. A resource for which available capacity limits the organization’s ability to meet the product volume, product mix or product demand fluctuations required by the marketplace.
See Capacity Constraint Resource
Cross-Category Resource is a special education program designed to teach multi-level, multi-needs students according to their own Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  It provides students the extra educational needs beyond the classroom setting.
Central Contractor Registration
Central Control Room, a facility from which rail system operation will be monitored and controlled.
Central Contractor Registry. An electronic database of government vendor firms used by the Department of Defense. For information about the CCR, call the DoD Electronic Information Center at 800-334-3414.
Continuity of Care Record A standard specification being developed jointly by ASTM, the Massachusetts Medical Society, HIMSS, AAFP, and the AAP. Additional info:
XML document standard that functions as an ongoing record of a patientâ€(tm)s care. Currently under development by several health care organizations.
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Current cell rate. A resource management (RM) cell field that indicates the actual rate at which cells are being sent. When the transmitting end sends a forward RM cell, it sets the CCR to the current allowed cell rate (ACR), and no other elements on the network can adjust that value.
The currently acceptable transmission rate for an end-system as defined by RM cells within ABR. The field in the RM cell indicates the current complying cell rate (i.e., ACR) a user can transmit over a virtual connection (VC).
Complete cytogenetic response. One of the types of positive responses to treatment of leukemia. In this case, it is the complete absence of leukemic (Ph+) cells in the bone marrow of CML patients by either conventional or FISH cytogenetic testing..
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Cable connector receptacle, glass reinforced epoxy or metal shell, can be terminated to cable with neoprene or polyurethane, mates with BCP, CCP
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CROSBY CONFERENCE ROOM. Located in the Middle School on the third floor, this room is adequate for small meetings of up to 12 people. Scheduling must be arranged through the Middle School office manager.
Conference Committee Report. Report from a conference committee detailing recommendations on a bill.
Ref. Command and Control Room
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Conradson carbon residue
Combat Command Reserve
Reserve Combat Command, in armored division
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Closed Circuit Rebreather
Commitment, Concurrency, and Recovery. An OSI application service element used to create atomic operations across distributed systems. Used primarily to implement two-phase commit for transactions and nonstop operations.
Compulsory comparison rate. A standardised interest rate calculation that includes the extra costs involved in a loan.
Creatinine Clearance Rate
Covenents, Codes & Restrictions. These are the governing documents of homeowner associations.
Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions
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Canadian Council for Refugees.
Catchment Condition Report
Consumer Confidence Report
Center for Constitutional Rights, N.Y.
Center for Computational Research
Cross Cultural Research
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Cash-on-cash return (See ROI).
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Cast Copper Rod
an annual publication that contains detailed information about the quality of drinking water that a public water system provides to its consumers. It must include information about the source of the water, detected contaminants and possible health effects.
A data base of all businesses contracting or seeking contracts with the federal government. It is maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense.
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See Critical Class Requirements.
Configuration Change Request