Definitions for "cartouche"
A cantalever, console, corbel, or modillion, which has the form of a scroll of paper
A tablet for ornament, or for receiving an inscription, formed like a sheet of paper with the edges rolled up; hence, any tablet of ornamental form.
An oval figure on monuments, and in papyri, containing the name of a sovereign.
a kind of nameplate
a nameplate the Ancient Egyptians used for important figures such as the king, queen, and high-ranking officials in the kingdom
a nameplate used by ancient Egyptians to write the
An ornate information-bearing emblem, frequently a revenue stamp, appearing as an underprint on the body of a certificate.
a decorative emblem on a globe or map, generally containing its title, the name and city of the maker, and sometimes the date or other descriptive information
a seal that contained someone's name
A roll or case of paper, etc., holding a charge for a firearm; a cartridge
A cartridge box.
cartridge or round. Used for smaller calibres up to 25mm. (French) coax Coaxial. Used to describe the position of a secondary weapon (usually a MG) as being mounted in the same axial direction as the main armament. C.S. Close Support. coiffé avec f. ogive
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Cavetto cornice
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A loop of cord with a knot at its base, in the side of which the Pharaoh's name was written. The cartouche, the symbol of the Sun God's universal power - and thus the Pharaoh's - was reserved for the Pharaoh's nomen and pronomen.
a double loop of rope tied at one end
piece of buttered greaseproof paper used to cover fish when shallow poaching
A folded, circular piece of paper that is used to cover stored stocks and sauces.
Greased paper used to cover meats during cooking.
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A gunner's bag for ammunition
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A military pass for a soldier on furlough.
Generally means a wavy scalloped shape.
a ruled or bordered box that supplies a fresh, classical border for written matter content, usually with the photographic background dropped out
Label or information surrounded by a border. Often decorative.
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A wooden case filled with balls, to be shot from a cannon.