Definitions for "SPLAT"
Keywords:  chair, upright, carved, fretwork, slat
Vertical piece between the uprights of a chair back. Often shaped.
The section of the back of the chair between the upright supports. Splats can be in the solid form, sometimes curved, pierced and carved.
A slat of wood, as one in the middle of a chair back.
The mortal remains of various insects after impacting the windshield and other leading portions of a motorcycle
give off the sound of a bullet flattening on impact
split open and flatten for cooking; "splat fish over an open fire"
Keywords:  hit, caroms, hitter, shot, sidewall
A shot that hits the sidewall close to the hitter and then hits the front wall for a winner.
A shot hit hard, from near the side wall directly to the side wall.
a single splash; "he heard a splat as it hit the floor"
Sponsored Programs eLectronic Administrators Training
SPLAT is a web-based reference for faculty and staff members involved in the preparation and administration of sponsored programs. SPLAT provides a descriptive summary of basic information on the preparation, processing, and postaward management of applications for external funding
Keywords:  asterisk, slang, computer, term
A computer slang term for an asterisk (*).
Keywords:  pitch, musical, definite, note, played
A musical effect in which a note is played with no definite pitch