Definitions for "Finial"
Keywords:  spire, pinnacle, ornament, gable, fleur
The knot or bunch of foliage, or foliated ornament, that forms the upper extremity of a pinnacle in Gothic architecture; sometimes, the pinnacle itself.
an ornament on top of an important end decoration, such as a gable, or pedestal
Knob, often vase-shaped, used as crowning ornament on furniture. Also found at intersection of stretchers joining legs of chairs, tables, etc.
Keywords:  knop, flagon, spoon, lid, ormanental
Topmost feature of a piece, or centering the lid of a measure or flagon. Usually cast and often figural.
See knop.
A cut-around shape at the tip of a spoon handle.
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samford hall
Keywords:  loop, bottom, finish, end, right
The bottom right finish on the c and e at the end of the loop.